Adaptation for Workplace Diversity: A Report

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Adaptation for Workplace Diversity: As today's organizations have become characterized with employers from diverse backgrounds, workplace diversity has become a common facet of today's working environment. Such diversity is basically due to the existence of a workforce with staffs from different ages, backgrounds, educational levels, genders, and professional experience. Managing this diversity can become a major challenge in some situations though a diverse workplace provides unique benefits. Actually, workplace diversity provides an opportunity for a great and differing corporate environment with varied perspectives and experiences to contribute to improved results of an organization. Diversity management has attracted huge debates as both proponents and opponents provide many reasons for their positions. Adaptation of diversity in the workplace is critical for reversing discrimination, language and cultural barriers, and lessening costs. Consequently, it enables these employees to maximize their potential that result in an improved corporate image and enhanced product and service ideas. There is a great need for huge adaptation of younger workers, the older worker, the disabled, the recent immigrant, and the gay/lesbian worker because of increased globalization across the world. The increase in globalization has in turn contributed to the need for more interaction among individuals from varied cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds than the previous years (Green et. al.,
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