Adapting to Life in American Universities: Rebekah Nathan

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After numerous years of educating anthropology at state campus, Rebekah Nathan was perplexed by her students’ deeds. They had established strange actions of eating meals on their desk, not finishing reading projects and remaining silent during class debates. She felt she was dealing with an external culture. As an anthropologist, she decided to go and cohabit with them as an covert student to study more about them. She registered as a freshman scholar at the university she was coaching. She expended one year existing in the students residence taking lessons with them, taking meetings and recording her annotations to compare them with pupils of years ago. There are issues, which Nathan revealed a fresh man should ponder in adapting to life in university.
Friendships are essential for a freshman in college. One has to decide the type of friends to have within the college. Nathan notes that nowadays, students socialize more while in school, than while at home. They tend to form social groups based on interest rather than where they live. This is what Nathan learnt as he enters the dorm where students made friendships based on common interest. The importance of relationships is to generate civic work. She notes that many efforts by dorm advisors to get residential together for various activities often ended in low participation. A freshman should measure what constitutes a meaningful friendship. Freshman should take time in choosing a relationship because there is no given

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