Ada's Office Case Report

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DA'S Office
ADA HOPPES on behalf of the Commonwealth

On 07/12/2016, at approx. 1611 hours, I was requested to make contact with the victims referencing a hearing scheduled for 07/18/2016.

On 07/14/2016, at approx. 1230 hours, I made contact with Jennifer Dombrosky (Najera) the mother of Nick Merva and Kevin Najera. She said her children did receive the court subpoena and were aware of the hearing. She indicated Kevin's condition has become worse since the incident and he has an uncontrollable studder and hand tremor due to the trauma. I said I would have the ADA contact her to discuss the case. I forwarded her phone number that she supplied to ADA Hoppes.

ADA Hoppes said he spoke with the mother referencing the upcoming case. He said his office, the mother, & victims came to an agreement to allow GUTTERIEZ to plea guilty to misdemeanors and to not follow through on the felony charges. He said the mother expressed her concerns on not wanting to put her son through testifying believing it would be too much for him. She said that he has been in and out of mental health treatment as well since the incident saying he has developed a post stress disorder. …show more content…

Judge Baldwin accepted a plea of guilt from GUTIERREZ on the following charges: Simple Assault 18 2701 A1 (1 count), Simple Assault 18 2701 A3 (1 count), Theft by Unlawful Taking 18 3921 A (1 count), Possession of Weapon 18 907 B (1 count), & Terroristic Threats w/ Int to Terrorize Another (1 count).

All other charges were nolle

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