Individuals With Disabilities Act Case Study

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There are several legal and social foundations that are related with the Individuals with Disabilities Act. (Legal: constitution, 10th and 14th amendment) social foundations (what people thought about disabilities in the past) connect Willowbrook, early researches from 17-1800.
Multiple students within a school system require special services, however no student received the necessary services until Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was signed into law in 1975. This latest revision of the law took place on December 3, 2004 and was signed by George W. Bush, but was not effective until July 1, 2015. Before the act was established, students were placed in insufficient and isolated classrooms without any type of support. The law …show more content…

The special education teacher is in charge of informing the family on when and where the Individualized Education Program will take place. The family of the student will discuss the necessary content of the individual’s program, how reports will be received to express the child’s progress, and who will be included within the Individualized Education Program team. There will also be considerations in the development of the program, the specific role of the regular education teacher, and the requests of review and revision of the Individualized Education Program. Overall, the family plays a huge role in developing the Individualized Education Program and the parent’s consent must be obtained in order for the IEP to go forward or even be altered. …show more content…

A free appropriate public education is provided at public disbursement, under public supervision and without any charge. It must also meet specific standards of the State educational agency. The family is able to participate in an individual’s free and appropriate education plan by speaking with the educational team about the individual’s growth, grades, scores, and the family is encouraged to visit the school to see if that may have an impact on

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