Adderall: A Fictional Narrative

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At seventeen he started smoking pot, but unlike most, he catalogued the strains of cannabis he tried, each time describing the feeling in scientific detail. Still through all the drinking and smoking he did well in school. People would ask Charlie what he wanted to be, he changed his mind a lot but eventually settled on pharmacist. Adderall was his drug of choice for some time in college, but eventually he started down a road of painkillers. Shortly after this, he dropped out of college, but with a fair number of contacts he found a job. The kind that carried a gun and didn’t pay income tax. He knew the facts about the drugs that he would take, like the heroin he shot up deteriorated the white matter of the brain, but he liked it that way. He laughed at other junkies who got high without knowing the consequences, because they wanted to live, but more than anything…show more content…
He leaned back in his chair and put his arm off to one side, he wanted the buyers to know just how comfortable he was. He sat in silence, grabbing power by knowing that the other three might be uncomfortable in the noiselessness. “Are we going to make this deal?” Sam asked, a New England accent showing through. “The deal’s been changed,” Charlie responded, almost shouting so his buyers could hear from the other side. The three buyers stopped and took a moment to confer. Sam always had respect for the opinions of his men, Charlie on the other hand made decisions quickly and alone. They stopped whispering and all three took their places once again. Leroy began to pace back and forth, keeping his hand close to his waist. “We know what you want, and we’re not buying,” Sam called to the other end. “Gentlemen, gentlemen, you haven’t even heard my offer yet,” Charlie said in mock shock that they would turn him away so quickly. Sam gave a nod and a wave of the hand, making it clear his time was too
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