Blood Cancer: A Short Story

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I just stood there in silence, not moving, not knowing what to do. Blood cancer... what was that? What did that mean? Of course now, looking back I can see I still had the innocence any seven year old would have. Not seeing what I now see as obvious. What I wouldn’t do to go back and spend time with my grandfather, of the time he had left. Just ending first grade I was as happy as June bug. Grade school was not at all what I had pictured in my head. I would have much rather prefered arts and crafts which I had perfected during my kindergarten and preschool years. Unfortunately for me that was not so. No more show and tell or any of the things I used to enjoy such as ‘Fun Friday’ where all we did was play games. I was introduced to homework, …show more content…

One of my favorite memories is trying to be the first to see the bridge leading onto the Cape. M Bumpa used to give the first person to see it a nickle. I probably made over a dollar, which was a lot to sever year old me, just driving with them. What I didn’t hear the night before was that my dad’s entire side of the family would be there. I kind of figured it out though as I saw the line of cars and my cousins playing football in the front yard.
I was greeted with a big hug by everyone and by the time I reached Bumpa I was nearly out of breath from being squeezed by everyone. It confused me, how he looked so frail and fragile. It seemed like yesterday he was swimming with me in the ocean. He still greeted me with his usual excitement
The rest of the weekend was a blur of beach trips, ice cream, being squished sleeping in the living room with 7 other people, and mini golf. The trip ended as soon as it began, and little did I know that this would be the last time I saw Bumpa. As we turned around the corner I could see the shine of the summer sun reflecting off the tears rolling down his eyes.
A few days after we left he was hospitalised. Him and Mimi were staying at Mass General Hospital. I didn’t see my dad often over the next few days, he must have been visiting …show more content…

The people who came ranged from ones I see on a regular basis to people I had never seen before. The weather was poor, but I guess it matched the circumstances. It made me feel good however that so many people showed up. The prayer was moving. Halfway through I looked over at my mother who I saw her crying for the first time ever. Through good times and bad I had never seen her cry, not once. I felt something missing in my heart that day. The puzzle piece which held me together was lost forever, I was not complete anymore.
A flag was placed over his coffin for the time he served in the coast guard. Each of his children got a folded flag in a frame with his name on it. It still hangs in my house today. We have shelf in the livingroom where everyone can see. We dedicated that shelf to him. It’s covered in pictures and photo albums of him and us.
After my parents had their fourth child Ryan, my younger brother, which I sometimes regret, they bought a video camera. On this camera you can find videos of just us kids just playing on the couch for no reason, soccer games and christmas. Every year on July 3 we watch one titled Christmas 2007. Mimi and Bumpa slept over Christmas Eve. After you get past the shrieks of happiness from my sister Maeve when she opened her toy Elmo my dad, who was filming, goes over and sits next to his dad. My dad being the tech. genius that he is forgot to shut off the camera, but that’s what makes it great. Over the

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