Addiction Is A Mind Altering Substance

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Addiction is a compulsive need to habitually use a mind altering substance. Addiction can target anyone, even someone who works in the healthcare field, who trained to aid patients with medication. When a healthcare professional is addicted to a substance, it should be immediately reported for the safety of that nurse 's clients. Just because a nurse has an addiction does not mean that their career is over because there are many programs that can help them fight the addiction and regain their title as nurse. It is our moral obligation as a nurse to protect the addicted nurse and her clients by confronting them and reporting their behaviors. Addiction can be hard to spot in people, especially when the addict has learned to hide their addiction. Even in those who know how to hide it there are some signs to look for that an addict will unknowingly show. Some signs to look for are “smell of alcohol on breath or frequent use of strong mouthwash or mints; impaired coordination, sleepiness, shakiness, and/or slurred speech; bloodshot eyes; mood swings and memory loss; neglect of personal appearance; excessive use of sick leave, tardiness, or absent after a weekend off, holiday, or payday; frequently ‘forgetting’ to have another nurse witness wasting of a controlled substance;”(Sommer, 2013). Educating nurses and nurse manager of these signs to look for is the first step in decreasing the amount of accidents caused by impaired nurses. A nurse is obligated to protect patients and
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