Addiction Responding Task Of The Theatrical Style

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Addiction Responding Task
Belgium is accredited for the creation of the theatrical style, unrealistic theatre; although unrealistic theatre is a blanket term incorporating Absurdist Theatre, Expressionism, Theatre of Cruelty and more. Non-realistic Theatre isn’t restricted to traditionally recreating life on stage, but it investigates evasive ideologies, intangible emotions and human existence; simply transforming reality. Addiction was an unrealistic piece of drama exploring the drug world, side effects and consequences of drug intake. Through the effective manipulation of masks, abstract props, generalised characters, social Existentialist morals, rhythmic movement, silhouettes, puppetry , a combination of realistic, unrealistic …show more content…

This piece of drama conveyed the dramatic meaning (moral), “The effect is of a background of magnificence cheapened by commercialism.” (O’Neil, 1922). Generalised, masked wealthy characters contributed to the dramatic meaning and symbolically emphasised their unawareness and carelessness for the disadvantaged. Techniques which were present in this activity were manipulated, personalised and incorporated into Addiction. In Addiction, Scene 8, masks were utilised to strip Darcy’s family of their identities and transform them into his memories. By masking his family members it allowed for most of the focus to be on Darcy and during the final stages of the scene all three memories were frozen creating a frozen tableau conveying the strong emotion of disappointment, thus establishing the disappointing mood of the scene and engaging the audience.
Tension drives a situation which is directed by the focus; tension can be created through including roles, characters surprise and mystery. Tension can be enhanced through the incorporation of unrealistic conventions, thus engaging the audience. In Addiction tension was created during and after conflict. These conflicts are caused by various characters which then is incentive for the plot. The tension of relationships between the Angel and Devil was evident when Angel and Devil’s

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