Addiction : The Problem Of Addiction

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A man by the name of Michael Robitham once said, “Alcoholics don’t have relationships- they take hostages.” If we replace “alcoholics” with addicts, this can be true of any addiction and it is problematic for our society. Addiction is on the rise in our country and it is quickly becoming an epidemic. The reason for the rapid rise is due, in part, to the fact that many children are following in their addicted parents’ footsteps. The future of our country is at risk as more youth turn towards drugs and alcohol. The government should implement programs that support addicts and their children in order to stop the cycle of addiction. Children who have addicts in their family can be genetically predisposed to become addicts. When we support programs that help these children develop coping mechanisms to overcome this predisposition, we can potentially halt the cycle of addiction. Studies have been conducted to determine why addiction seems to run in families. Some of these studies have concluded that some people who are addicts have fewer dopamine receptors than other people. This shortage of dopamine receptors can make the experiences in life seem dull and even depressing. In order to improve their life experience, many people turn to drugs or alcohol to make life more exciting. Unfortunately, this condition is sometimes hereditary. Also, when a child is raised in an environment where they feel neglected and unwanted, they are at risk of developing mental
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