Adolescence: Developmental Psychology and Social Work Practice

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Module Title: Human Growth and Behaviour.
Assessment Title:
What are the advantages and disadvantages of viewing behaviour through the life-span perspective for social practise?

The author’s aim is to outline the advantages as well as disadvantages in adolescence behaviour and human development processes across people life span, and particular adolescence. This essay will look at the different models, theories of social work and the factors that may have influence social work practice. The physical, psychological, socio-cultural, environmental and politico-economical are the factors that Bowlby (1999), Erikson (1995), Freud and Piaget (1977) have mentioned in their theories and the author will explore, discuses and …show more content…

Piaget (1977) the author of cognitive development theory believed that the child seeks to understand and adopt into the environment. In doing so, the child undertakes certain actions as it moves through stages of development. Another approach to understand the human life course from a developmental psychology perspective is presented trough theories that focus on behaviour and how behaviour and actions influence our learning. (Piaget, 1977)

Skinner’s (1953) behaviourism explained human development as the acquisition of behaviourism that is learned through responses to experiences.
Skinner did not see the individual’s thoughts or conscious mind as influencing their behaviours, but rather behaviour as a response controlled by the rewards or punishments in the individual’s environment. (Skinner, 1953)
Albert Bandura (1977) also emphasised in his social learning theory the importance of behaviour and the environment, but he saw cognition or thoughts as being a significant factor in the person’s development. Therefore, the social learning theories consider the influence of values, beliefs, self-determination, emotions and thought on the learning process.

Psychosocial theories arise from a combination of two perspectives psychology and sociology disciplines. David Howe describes psychosocial as being created by the interplay between the individual’s psychological

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