Adolescent Motherhood Should Be Paid Attention Too

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Introduction Adolescent motherhood should be a major concern for our country. Teens in the United States are more likely to give birth than any other industrialized country in the world. (Kearney & Levine, 2012) The article, Update on Adolescent Motherhood and Postpartum Depression states, “adolescent motherhood is a common and costly phenomenon with almost half a million American girls becoming mothers every year in the U.S.” (McGuinness, Medrano & Hodges, 2013) This is one reason why the topic of adolescent motherhood should be paid attention too. Why does the U.S. have the highest teen birth rate? Is it because of our sex education, by both parents and schools? Does economic opportunity contribute to the high teen birth rate? These are questions that come to mind when contemplating the U.S. teen birth rate; also teen birth rate varies in our own country. A teen in Mississippi is 4 times more likely to give birth than a teen living in New Hampshire. (Kearney & Levine, 2012)
What about the outcomes for baby and mom? Children of teen mothers have been shown to far worse than children born to adult mothers on economic, social, and cognitive dimensions. (Kearney & Levine, 2012) Teen mothers have been shown to have postpartum depression 2 to 3 times higher than adult mothers, which can have negative outcomes for baby and mom. (McGuinness et al., 2013) It is important to understand and learn about this topic to create the best policies, interventions, and treatment programs…

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