Adolescent Parenthood : An Issue Of Public Concern For Many Years

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Adolescent parenthood has been an issue of public concern for many years. Adolescent parenthood has been the subject of numerous articles, public health reports, and public debate. So what makes adolescent parenthood such a popular topic of discussion and a reoccurring social problem? How does an adolescent parent relate to such public issues as education, poverty, and family? Researchers conduct literature reviews and original research in an effort to find a resolution to decrease adolescent pregnancy/parenthood and methods to improve the quality of life for adolescent parents. Although these articles share many themes and patterns, often their reason for conducting the research, methods, conclusion, and belief regarding adolescent pregnancy and parenthood differ.
A literature review regarding adolescent parenthood returned a very large number of articles ranging in publication dates that spanned over four decades. One may assume that the continued interest in this topic provides many opportunities for debates among professions in various disciplines. Some of the articles reviewed for this comparative literature comparison could be perceived as argumentative; however, many shared major themes. These themes included the perception that most adolescent parents do not plan to become pregnant, the role of Social Workers and the Public Welfare System in the lives of pregnant and parenting adolescents, the role of grandparent/grandmothers in the lives of pregnant and parenting
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