Adolescent With A Mental Health Essay

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Adolescence is generally known to be a tumultuous stage in every individual’s life. In this particular stage, bodies are changing rapidly, emotions are unfamiliar and unexplainable, and refraining from succumbing to peer pressure is more challenging than ever. According to Erik Erikson, in this stage, individuals ages 12-18 are seeking to establish an identity; a stage also known as identity vs. role confusion. Erickson theorizes that in such a stage, adolescents have certain tasks, one of which is identifying who they are.
The adolescence stage also entails a variety of personal challenges and limitations faced as well as needs to be met, including: attention, guidance, independence, stability, among other needs. If their needs are not met, adolescents are more vulnerable and at risk to develop mental health problems just like any other individual going through dramatic changes in their lives. Therefore, an adolescent with a mental health condition faces more needs than an adolescent without a mental health condition. Unfortunately, the mental health field is known to lack in services and individuals with mental health conditions are often prone to being stigmatized. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental health conditions can arise due to a variety of biopsychosocial factors. They can develop due to a significant life event, it could be genetic, and it could also develop due to an individual’s environment. Similarly, the type of mental health

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