Adolf Hitler And Hitler 's Power

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Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and Prime Minister Benito Mussolini of Italy Andrew Chen 6 February 2017 Period 4 Chen 2 Both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler had the same burning, profound desire for their nations to become well-respected and invincible superpowers of the world. As a matter of fact, Hitler respected and admired Mussolini; Hitler was influenced heavily by Mussolini, in fact, he looked upon Mussolini’s work and imitated him, while adding his own personal style and flare. One significant difference between these two leaders is their rise to power; Mussolini gained power through a shorter, more violent phase whereas Hitler gained power through a longer, more complex phase. Mussolini and Hitler were …show more content…

Although these two dictators rose to power in ways differing each other, they both had the support of the people, which would eventually lead them to establish their own totalitarian states. Economically, Mussolini and Hitler had the same goals, for their countries to be self-sufficient, and to eliminate the unemployment. These two dictators used their country’s failing Chen 3 economies to propel them into more and more power. They both used large-scale public works projects and militarization to propel both Italy and Germany out of the Great Depression, through putting people back to work and lowering the unemployment, while at the same time improving their countries’ infrastructure. In terms of economic growth, Italy was unable to become industrialized, and leave behind its agricultural economy. While Germany had the Ruhr Valley, Italy had few industrial zones. Although both dictators had the same goals, only Hitler was able to deliver on his promises, whereas Mussolini was unable to fully deliver, due to the weaknesses he was unable to overcome. Politically, Mussolini and Hitler tended to agree on most issues. Although both were totalitarian dictators, despite his attempts, Mussolini never achieved total control; on the contrary, Hitler and the Nazis gained full

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