How Is Rafael Trujillo Similar To Hitler

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Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo, Hitler, the Holocaust and the Jews of Sosua

In the beginning of the nineteen thirties in the midst of the Great Depression, General Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic and Adolf Hitler of Germany, both came into power. Their goals and the way they tried to achieve them were somewhat similar.
Upon achieving power both crushed their opposition, ran their governments as dictatorships and persecuted various classes of people.
General Trujillo rose from obscurity. After the Dominican Government defaulted on its debt to North American creditors in 1905, Washington assumed control of their custom houses, and garnished their receipts. When political instability occurred in 1916, the United States put the Dominican Republic under military occupation, which lasted till 1924. During that period of time the United States Marines created a modern army which was meant to discourage unrest. Trujillo joined the National Guard in 1918 and trained with the United States Marines. Trujillo impressed the recruiters and won promotion from Lieutenant to General and Commander-In-Chief of the …show more content…

He also developed a policy of racial discrimination, anti Haitianism, anti black. He wanted his country to be white. He even hid the fact that some of his grandparents were black and had is biography rewritten. Colonization, immigration and the Dominicanization on the nation’s ill defined borders with Haiti were strategies he designed to foster self sufficiency, entice white immigration and bolster the population base along the western frontier in the hope of creating a buffer against future Haitian migration. Trujillo believed that the sparsely populated border could prove to be an excellent staging ground for an invasion by his enemies. Securing the frontier therefore was in his mind essential to his

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