Adolf Hitler And Martin Luther Of Germany

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Topic: Can we obtain a peaceful, ordered life? Should we even bother trying? If so, how?
Adolf Hitler of Germany: Martin Luther of Germany:
Argument: No it is impossible. Argument: Yes it is possible.
Today we have two great and influential people debating an incredibly controversial topic. Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther are both German citizens during a time of conflict, however that is where the similarities end. Luther, who was born in 1483 lived in a very different world from Hither. To Luther, the conflict was focused primarily around religion and basic human rights. These conflicts resulted in small scale battles and wars. Hitler’s conflict was based on power and control. Religion was no longer the most controversial subject. This conflict, combined with modern weaponry and tactics, produced an incredibly deadly war: World War II. Luther was best known for being outspoken against the corrupt Catholic church. Hitler was best known for murdering six million Jews. Both influential people have interesting opinions to share on peace.
Argument of Martin Luther Indeed, it is possible to achieve a peaceful and orderly life. A peaceful and orderly life can be achieved by learning obedience and fear of god through Lutheranism. This life can only be rendered if some elemental requirements are fulfilled. The first of these requirements is that there must be a general, universal, feeling of happiness. Secondly, there must be a widely practiced goal that can be worked towards…
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