Adolf Hitler And Joseph Stalin

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Throughout World War II there were two dictators who stand out, Hitler and Stalin. Hitler was a dictator in Germany and brought death too many people who he did not considered pure blood. Stalin was a Soviet Union dictator, who killed many peasants. Stalin and Hitler’s history is different from each other. At one point history make them alike. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were different men, from different countries, enemies that had the same goal, and become powerful leaders of their country

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. He had an interest in fine arts and tried to get into the Academy of Fine Arts, but was rejected, and became homeless. As a result, he didn’t have an informal life. Hitler was in the German army for four years, and got rewarded for bravery. In addition, he became the leader of the National Socialism German Workers ' party that later was called the Nazi. He was anti-Marxist in addition to Stalin’s party. Hitler however, was charged of treason for trying to seize power by violence, and was sent to jail. During his time in jail, he wrote a book according to, Holocaust History, Hitler wrote “second Bible in Nazi Germany”. After Hitler got out of jail, he wanted to restore Germany’s power.

After Hitler spent time in jail, he got out with one thing in his mind, above all, make Germany a better place, Even if it meant to take the life of others. Most of his public speaking were his thoughts on the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War one.

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