Albert Einstein And Mahatma Gandhi

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The twentieth century was a time of new perspectives and challenging authority. Many individuals began experimenting and innovating in an attempt to change the status quo. Two famous individuals of the time period were the physicist Albert Einstein and the activist Mahatma Gandhi. At first glance, the highly logical scientist Albert Einstein and the spiritual, political activist Mahatma Gandhi do not appear to have a great deal in common, but a deeper study of their personal lives and accomplishments reveal the two are far more similar than they are different. Einstein and Gandhi were both creative individuals who revolutionized their respective domains, display the influence of childhood and the child-like mind, and could charm the masses despite difficulties in maintaining close relationships. Einstein was a master and innovator of physics and Gandhi was likewise for the moral and political domains. Reading copious amounts of books and absorbing knowledge were characteristic of both early on in their lives. Einstein’s favored authors of James C Maxwell and Aaron Bernstein would center his fascination in the world of physics. Gandhi was well versed in all the works of the major religions and gained influence from writers such as Leo Tolstoy and Henry Thoreau. Their innovations were not wholly original, as many aspects of relativity can be found in the works of Lorentz and Poincaré and many parts of satyagraha can be found in the teachings of Christ and Tolstoy amongst

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