Adoption and Parent

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Ajia Williams
Options Laboratory School
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April, 2013

Approximately one hundred and twenty thousand adoption cases take place each year. Adoption is the practice where the rights of biological parent(s) to the child are transferred to foster parent(s) permanently. Adoption of a child usually would take place at a tender age of the child’s life, so the child wouldn’t know of ever being adopted. Although this depends on if the child’s foster parents reveals to them the information of them being adopted. Usually a biological parent putting their child in foster care or up for adoption is all in good reason. Some of them could be; the parent(s) at the time of conception and birth weren’t ready financially to take care of
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Also the child may try to do anything they can in the hopes of finding or getting any type of information on their birth parents. The decision for a child to look for their birth parents mainly falls in the hands of the foster parent, if the child is under age. But if the child is of age and able to make sound decisions the older child should be able to search for their parents.
The decision if a child should find their biological parents is a very controversial topic; it’s debated in many different aspects. In some cases it is okay for a child to reach out to their biological parents because their parents only gave them up to better themselves as a parent for the child. The birth parent probably couldn’t cater for the childs welfare due to some reason such as financial instability or mental status. Even thought this is the case the parent may be able to provide essential elements for child growth. Or even the parent may be rich in oarental advice and encouragements for essential individual growth. In aome cass children should meet their biological parent because this can fill a void the child and even prohapes the parent has had for a very long time. The child could feel left out or different from everyone els around them. And meeting a biological parent can be the closure or the fill to the void that the child may need. The reunion of the parent-child can
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