Adoptive Families : An Early Childhood Educator

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Description of Adoptive Families. Adoptive families are becoming a very common thing in today’s society and it is not uncommon to run into adoptive families while working in the teaching field as an early childhood educator. “Adoption is the legal process whereby a person or persons become a child’s legal parent or parents.” (, 2016) Adoption can be done locally or internationally, “Many Canadians are choosing to start or expand their family through international adoption. Canadians adopted 2,127 children from abroad in 2009, continuing an upward trend for a third consecutive year.” (, 2015) Whether adoptive parents are looking to adopt locally or internationally, adoption can be both an exciting and difficult process. Influences and the Community. There are various different possible influences that adoptive families have on the community. Some possible influences that adoptive families have on the community are multiculturalism, individuality and different family structures. It is also important to consider the possible influences that the community has on adoptive families. Some influences that the community could possibly have on adoptive families are racial and/or ethnic discrimination, a misconception that adopted children misbehave and act out and an influence on identity formation. Community Support Systems. There are many community support systems within Ottawa that work to support and work with adoptive families. There a different agencies

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