Adult Nursing Personal Statement

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Nursing is such a diverse, challenging and worthwhile career that I know is the right course for me. In my teenage years I provided support to my father when he was diagnosed with diabetes this involved looking after his diet and administrating medication. Soon after he suffered from a heart attack at home where he was diagnosed just after 20 minutes, witnessing the signs and symptoms was a frightening time for me. The fear or loosing my loved one gave me insight of what other people felt and this is when I had decided to pursue a career in Nursing. My desire to complete a course in Adult Nursing was established after my first placement on a hospital ward where I had discovered the two rooms for patients require end of life care. I observed the nurses and doctors as they stayed emotionally strong and …show more content…

Recently for the past few months I have been volunteering in a hospital working with elderly residents who suffer from dementia. Supporting the patients and helping out with anything I could is what I really enjoyed it was a different experience overall and I still hope to continue helping and being on the ward. I felt like many aspects were similar to the role of an Adult Nurse therefore I took the opportunity to take part. My role and responsibilities included enhancing and enriching patient emotional health, well-being and overall hospital experience. Many other responsibilities involved sitting and chatting with patients; to find out information which will support patient discharge and improve discharge experience. Encouraging patients’ social engagement and activity. The role also involved helping with feeding and serving food. I completed wheelchair, safeguarding, nutrition and hydration also first aiding training via my hospital placement this has helped me see other aspects of what a nurse has to

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