Advancements Of Human Development Over The Centuries

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Introduction: Improving efficiency and increasing comfort has been the basis of the onward trend of human development over the centuries. This advancement has been seen in all facets of life including transportation, agriculture, language, technology, art etc. Since the introduction of the word progress in the 1680’s, these advancements have all been categorized under this abstract term (De Benoist, 2008). Many attempts have been made over the decades to make a standard definition of progress. One area where the definition of progress becomes somewhat blurred is in science. True scientific progress hasn’t been qualitatively defined. This paper aims to show that scientific progress can be defined as additive advancements to science through the accumulation of true scientific beliefs that are practical and tenable. Scientific Progress Defined: Many philosophers and researchers have attempted to define what progress and scientific progress really is. Physicist Thomas Kuhn, in 1963, described science as an internally driven venture which was bolstered and structured by paradigms (Kuhn & Schlegel, 1963). Douglas, addressing this definition points out that Kuhn wasn’t able to describe scientific progress across multiple paradigms. To fix this issue and to provide her own take on progress, she confronts the distinction between pure and applied science. She explained that the key to understanding scientific progress was understanding what science is (Douglas, 2014). Science can be
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