When People Live Without Technology Essay

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In this modern era, people nowadays are getting carried away with the advancing technology. It is because technology has become a necessity in people’ life. If people nowadays live without technology, they are nothing because technology gave human big impact in their life. This statement can be proven when nothing work can be done by people nowadays if this world have no technology. For example people nowadays can not communicate if there were no cellphone. This incident had proved that our daily life very depended to technology. Everything in this world has their own advantaged as well as the opposite. Same goes to technology. It has its own advantages in giving people’s nowadays creativity and communication impact or affect but it also have its own disadvantages that we can not avoid easily. There are many positive effect of technology that we can find in creativity. First, cloth. By technology we can make and change the cloth from somethings that usual into something that beautiful and adorable. Such as, we can create a new pattern like block. By technology too, people nowadays become more creative and be brave to try something new. That is why people can wear the cloth with the striking colures. Second, technology gave a big impact in transportation. We can see transportation development in hybrid car and airplane. Hybrid car can …show more content…

Through gadget we can also transfer information quickly such as using Bluetooth that we had in gadget. Through technology nowadays we can communicate with people that far away from us. We can make emergency call when there were happen accident that need help right away. We also can connect with old colleagues so our conection can never be fade and the last is we can ask teacher when we had a question and we can did this through Whatapps

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