Advantage And Weaknesses Of The Internet

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However, the internet can be a source and communication link between two parties in different places. The Internet also has some benefits to the community. Among them is the source of communication between two parties via the internet or e-mail. Email allows people to communicate with access. Through email we can send messages everywhere around the world. By email it can also be sent in a few moments. It makes business easier. The e-mail facility affects business development and personal communication. Video conferencing or chat room is the best technology facility that allows people to chat in cyberspace. The Internet also allows people within the organization to communicate easily and share information.
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The main disadvantage is to the students. Usually students will spend too much time through the internet and cause their lessons to be neglected. but some of them can set aside their time to do homework but they spend time watching movies or chatting with their friends via the internet. Additionally, the Internet can be a medium of fraud. With so much information available, theft and misuse of this information is easy.
Another problem or weakness of the internet is that it has allowed anyone to access different websites, forums and chat rooms. This can lead to fraud and exploit innocent people and abuse their beliefs. Such a scam usually targets women and children. These liars will usually deceive these women to borrow money for them. Some scammers try to borrow money from these women.
Next, there are many games available on the internet and this has made most children avoid all outdoor activities. In the absence of physical activity, children are more likely to become obese, apart from failing to develop interpersonal skills because they do not adopt a healthy lifestyle. In addition to these factors, the condition of the body is also a problem. Children who play with online games will sit continuously in front of the computer screen. This can damage the eyes and strain on the neck and shoulders of the child. Children will be more violent because of internet gaming. There are too many internet games that contain violent content and negatively affect

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