Advantages And Disadvantages In Hospital

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Hospital in every sense of it should be a place of safety for everyone especially for those that are sick or having one ailment or the other. It should be a place where the sick can confidently walk or carry in to with almost if not 100 percent safety from any other things apart from the condition he or she came with as his condition is being attended to so that he or she can go back home without additional problems.

Of recent, the health system of many countries around the world was ranked based on the quality of their health care system,but with no too much surprise, our health care system was among the poorest of all the countries that were ranked all over the world. You may be wondering, why is it like that, the reasons are obvious that …show more content…

They are afraid of going alive into our hospital and coming out dead or with complications which they never went with, What will the poor masses do ? They don't have the money to travel abroad to seek better health care delivery, their fate is their hand.

As a person who is working presently in one of the Nigeria hospitals, below are some of what I have found as the dangers present in our hospitals and possible solutions.


Blood transfusion is one of the procedures that most patient pass through in case of shortage of blood in their body which is known as anemia. It's a process of transfusing blood or blood components into another person.

There are many dangers associated with blood transfusion which are not the main aim for this article, but my major concern in this article is the area of screening of donor's blood for transfusion.

Recently, I know of a hospital that was actually using conventional test strips for donor's blood screen for HIV (determine) , HBV, HCV, Syphilis and they decided to switch to ELISA method of screen in which they do this by sending it to another organisation after they have screened the donor's blood with the conventional test

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