A Interview About A Hospital Security Guard And A Police Officer

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In reality, there are limited places that violence cannot happen, however, we are often surprised by some of the places violence does take place. One of the places many don’t expect violence to take place is in the hospital. Hospitals are designed to promote safety and provide medical care and nursing treatment for sick or injured people. Unfortunately, on January 12, 2016 a hospital security guard and a police officer endured near-fatal shootings by a drug-affected patient in Nepal. Rachel Olding, the author of an article written February 4, 2016 points out some concerns, thoughts, and ideas for improvement taken from hospital workers who have seen and experienced hospital violence firsthand. Hospitals need to be a place of safety for their patients, staff, and visitors.
Rachel Olding is a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald, a daily newspaper that was founded in 1831. Olding sufficiently expresses the concerns of the hospital employees. This article is to inform and raise awareness of an issue that is effecting those designed to help. As she points out, “Doctors, nurses, security guards and emergency workers have spoken out about critical levels of violence in NSW hospitals, partially attributed to skyrocketing use of crystal methamphetamine, or "ice". The employees that are on the ground level of this problem have been willing to participate in discussions to address this growing problem and create safer environments for everyone involve.
As this article was

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