Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Broken Child

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Topic : The Advantages of Joint Custody for the Children in a Marriage.

A broken home, where all the hopes and dreams of a child is crushed out and all that is left is empty promises and false hope. A child becomes distant, loses connection and feels isolated and alone. He or she will be forced to live with a parent, and this will cause a child to lose the sense of touch with another parent. How can he or she grows up with only one side of love and not given the complete love and affection that he or she deserved to get by both parents? It is very frustrating to see that one is robbed away from his or her happiness. These children do not deserve to live like this. They were not given a choice, not given a position to speak of their thoughts …show more content…

Gordon and Arbuthnot (2017) states that lesser stress and responsibility in the hands of parents in joint custody as their financial burden is divided equally. Zinner (2000) mention that in joint custody, reports show that parents have lesser responsibility as they do not need to give full attention to the child’s needs every day. Besides that, Zinner (2000) also mention that the children in joint custody agreement received benefits as they are supported materially and are 75% paid fully in contrast with those in solo custody agreement whereby they are only 46% paid fully and supported. In shared parenting plans, both parents are responsible in deciding and making important decisions on important issues such as education or the health care of the child. According to the Family Law Act 1975 of Australia, it is stated that the best interest of the child must be protected and the child can keep a significant relationship with both parents equally. It is also stated in the Family Law Act 1975 of Australia, whereby both parents are responsible in matters such as health, religion, education, change of name and adjustment in living arrangements which concerns the child. Hence, joint custody for children is convenient in lessening stress and burdens on both

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