Single Parent Households Is A Sensitive Topic Essay

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Single parent households are a sensitive topic that is highly debated today. This topic is one that has repercussions for both the parents and the children involved. However, regardless of the different consequences, these households continue to grow in the coming years. “In 1970, traditional two-parent married households dominated, making up 81 % of all households in the United States (US). By 2012 this number dropped to around 66 % … In 2012, approximately 21 million children, or 28 % of all children in the US, lived with one parent” (Kramer, 2015). It is interesting to look at the way the single parent households continue to grow throughout the years, all while being a hot topic for discussion on its consequences. When thinking about a book to read for this course, there was no real choice. I stumbled upon this book and knew right away that I could benefit from this book, as well as connect to it on a deeper level and relate to it personally.
I grew up in a single parent household, and was a part of one until recently when my mom decided to remarry my now step dad. Growing up in this type of household has affected me in more ways than one would like to believe. It has affected the way my family is seen by others, how we speak to one another, and has had a large impact on my education. It has also given me a bigger stressor than simply living and growing in a single parent household with my mom; it gave me separation anxiety because of how we ended up in this

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