Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Picture Archaging And Communication System

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A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a computerized medical technology that replaces the roles of conventional radiological film to digital form. PACS is used in a different department in the hospital, such as radiology, cardiology, and intensive care unit. PACS can be used for storing, sending, retrieving images and information from different places at different time. PACS is also important in the present for cardiologist who perform procedure using images I. Introduction A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a medical technology which considers as a new technology with high-speed connection and technical improvement. The concept of PACS was first discussed in 1982 at the University of Kansas, …show more content…

The first advantage, images that have been saved into PACS cannot be lost or misfiled and health care worker will not waste time looking for the missing data or film. The second advantage, PACS replaced the film image with the digital image. The third advantage, the digital image allows zooming on the image for better viewing. Lastly, images and information in PACS are available for access at any time in different locations inside or outside the hospital. Film image could only be available in one place at one time and will result in delayed patient diagnosis if it not directly available to the radiologist. Although the PACS is a useful technique it has some disadvantages, for example, the PACS cost is very high, also if the PACS is failed to work it is not possible to view image and it require a specialized person for maintenance and in order to read PACS reports a high-resolution monitor are required and they are too expensive. Security and patient information must be protected since PACS is a technology that archive data and transfer it with different department in the hospital. A secure system should be applied in PACS to be able to decrease the risk of accidents and destruction of data, and should prevent non-authorized people from accessing.

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