Christus Santa Rosa Hospital : Westover Hills

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Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – Westover Hills Christus Santa Rosa Hospital Westover Hills is a 150 bed, 315,000 sqft , full service hospital located in the Westover Hills area of San Antonio, Texas. The facility was completed in 2009 and is the newest hospital in the Christus system (“Christus Santa Rosa Health System,” n.d.).
Detail about the health system: Christus Santa Rosa Health System was founded in 1869 by a group of nuns that went by name “Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate World.” The sisters made the pilgrimage to San Antonio in 1869 to aid in treating of patients during a large cholera outbreak. When the sisters reached San Antonio, they found a city of nearly 12,000 citizens with no public hospital. The sisters decided that …show more content…

Reasons for Choosing Facility: I chose this facility because it’s close to where I live and part of a large, we respected, faith based health system serving South Central Texas. I wanted to explore its competitive strategy and see how it compared to others competing for the same patient pool.
Porter’s Competitive Strategy: This facility is clearly using Differentiation to separate itself from its competition. It does this through its name, its marketing techniques, and by its mission, vision and values. All of these center on the fact that the facility is a Catholic based/ faith centered organization. The system also claims to be a leader in the innovation and delivery of care through the use of the latest technology to treat patients.
How Information System’s Assist: The facility states that it offers their physicians and patients access to the “latest high-tech imaging services, digital medical technology and specialized equipment.” This equipment includes the use of digital radiology imaging, digital echocardiograms and digital cardiac catheterization. The facility also uses an Electronic Medical Record system, which they claim enhances patient safety and maximizes physician connectivity. Having this equipment helps the facility differentiate itself from its

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