Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Traffic Circle Compared To An Intersection Design

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Traffic circle compared to an Intersection design
Smooth flow of traffic in all directions if rules are adhered to Blockages can occur if motorists cross when an exit is congested
U-turns can be executed with ease You can make immediate right turns only
Vehicles travelling to the same exit can join with ease Congestion could occur if the exit is blocked or congested
There is no temptation to ‘shoot’ a red light Motorists do not yield and unobservant leads to accident
Low cost Not a permanent solution as traffic demands will change and it may not be adequate long term

Additional signalling
Signalling …show more content…

- Improves the flowing movement of traffic from a low density to a high density road. Cons:
• Cost implications for road widening is medium to high and this is a drawback
• Road widening is a time dependent project to undertake and is not an immediate solution.
• Lanes can only be kept to a width of 3 to reduce incompetent drivers from straddling the main street and the additional lane causing accidents.

Movable Barriers
The barrier system is one of the lower priority solutions to be considered as it is for straight roads. This project would require an alternative, however it is a innovative alternative that is immediate and non-invasive.

Pros: - No need for destruction of existing and redesign
- A strong and durable solution for segregating traffic lanes. Long lasting if maintained correctly.
- Designed to protect traffic joining the new lanes in both directions. Cons:
• Requires staff to be present all day, increased cost of operator
• Lane width is dependent on the operation of the machine and how well trained and accurate the operator

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