Personal Narrative: Our Lady Of Lavang

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Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. I have always dedicated this day to unwinding and spending time with my loved ones before the chaos of the week starts up again, and today was no exception. I planned on attending mass at my local parish, Our Lady of Lavang, before seeing my godfamily before they left for their annual summer vacation. I thought it was going to be a good day; however, all of that changed when I saw the massive traffic jam of cars trying to exit the Our Lady of Lavang’s facility. Surrounding the parish are two roads, Old Foltin Road and Essie Road, each of which only contains one lane. Cars exiting Our Lady of Lavang can only drive on one narrow side of the road while cars coming into Our Lady of Lavang for …show more content…

In a survey of Houstonians, over 82% of those surveyed says that they would rather travel on a four lane street compared to a two lane street because they feel that it is faster (Vu). With more lanes on Old Foltin Road and Essie Road, drivers will have more opportunity to switch lanes if the lane that they are currently on is slow or an accident has occurred on the lane. This will reduce the time spent in traffic. By reducing the time spent in traffic, one is able to help reduce the congestion by being one less car on the streets. Additionally, on a multiple lane street, there is typically a fast lane (“When”). The fast lane, usually the farthest left lane, is designed for drivers who tend to drive faster than others around them. The fast lane enables traffic to flow smoother which in turn will deduce the amount of congestion. “The left lane is saved for those currently passing. It is a very simple, yet effective rule that helps drivers stay safe and minimizes traffic congestion” (“When”). With the reduction of traffic congestion due to the fast lanes, drivers are able to have more time on their hands to spend with their families. By using more lanes, Old Foltin Road and Essie Road will be able to reduce the disruption of vehicles entering and exiting Our Lady of

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