Advantages And Disadvantages Of Backpacks

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If commuting is your daily lifestyle, then you need total protection for all your belongings within your backpack. At the same time, it is somewhat challenging to avoid using backpack, as we need its excellent convenient features when we bring lots of stuff. The major drawback of wearing a backpack is our inability to keep it safe from pickpocketers, as we cannot keep an eye on it, particularly when we are walking down the jam-packed pedestrian sidewalk.
Such phenomenon has led many backpack manufacturers to launch antitheft backpack. It contains some features for the bag’s total protection. It works more than just a ’storage’ for users’ daily needs, whether they are laptop and its accessories, smart phone or tablet and its charger and power …show more content…

But, Bobby introduces better cut-proof resistance against any kind of sharp tools.
- Secretly small-sized pockets
Small sized pockets are easy to find on common backpacks. Yet, very tiny pockets in this backpack are totally hard to notice, so users can easily keep their valuables safely here.
- Unseen zippers on the small area around the shoulder straps
Those pockets have zippers, yet they are also ‘invisible’. Even if a pickpocketer has ‘learned’ where the opening bag zippers are, reaching them easily requires such a high, or even an impossible effort.
- Shock-proof
- Just admit that we drop our bags sometimes, by chance. We hate to admit that we regretted for the rest of our life when our laptop or gadget was cracked. It won’t happen again if we are using this product, thanks to its multiple thick layers for the maximum protection against shocking.
- Vast dimension
Who need a strong backpack with very small dimension? What we need is a sturdy, antitheft backpack with ample storage for our total commuting handiness. It has compartments for laptop, tablet, water bottle, pens, some smaller ones, as well as hidden pockets on the side and

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