Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is one of most passionate topic for wireless developers, it was designed to make low bandwidth wireless connections simple even to the novices to use. For example, using a Bluetooth application to upgrade the phone directory of mobile phone. Bluetooth wireless technology solved a major concern that all portable, personal, and hand-held electronics faced: short-range connectivity. In comparison with other wireless technologies, Bluetooth falls under the short-range wireless communication technology. With the intent of replacing cable transmissions between electronic devices with short ranges, Bluetooth was designed. It allows two or more Bluetooth enabled electronic devices to create an ad-hoc personal area network (PANs) by providing a short range, low power wireless connections, all the while located away from fixed network infrastructures. Bluetooth was originally designed for cable replacement; however, its functionality has advanced so much that it acts as a bridge between data networks and established ad-hoc networks. Bluetooth has a compact and low power design which makes them well-suited to be used in portable devices like headsets and PDAs which are power and space critical. • Robustness • Low battery consumption • Multi-level security • Cost-effectiveness are some of the key features of Bluetooth. For a host of electronic devices, portable hand-held devices, mobile phone network, LANs, PSTN, and the Internet, Bluetooth technology provides wireless
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