Advantages And Disadvantages Of Copper Cookware

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For any cook, professional or otherwise, the type and quality of cookware being used are as essential as the ingredients of the food itself. Although every home and restaurant operate uniquely, each shares common needs as far as cookware is concerned. As a result, the market is full of cooking equipment so that cooks and chefs have different options to choose from.

However, regardless of the shape or size cookware, you always need to consider the metal that the cookware is made of. This makes your ultimate choice of cooking equipment a question of the metal it is made of. There are many materials to choose from including stainless steel, aluminum or even copper.

The focus of this article is copper cookware and information that can be learned through copper cookware reviews. Copper …show more content…

Copper is necessary and beneficial in the human body, but only in very small quantities. In larger amounts, it becomes toxic or potentially lethal.

Difficult to Clean and Maintain

Copper has always been a demanding material to keep in top shape. It stains and scratches quite easily and needs regular polishing. In old England, sand was imported from French beaches specifically for cleaning copper pots and kettles without damaging them.

In the modern kitchen, copper cannot be cleaned in dishwashers and has to be done by hand. Some cheap and easy methods of cleaning have been known to work well to rid copper of stains such as scrubbing lightly with lemon juice or with vinegar. However, these tasks still become cumbersome for most people who would simply prefer cookware that can be cleaned satisfactorily with soap and warm water.

Tarnishing and Fading

Even when not in use, copper items tarnish and lose their lustrous sheen making it necessary to polish regularly them to maintain their visual appeal.

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