Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fruits

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Definition of fruits:
• Fruits are the part of plants which contains large amount of water up to 85% and it gives its refreshing quality.
• When they are just ripe it should be used fresh because under ripe fruit may be difficult to digest because of excess fruits acids and over ripe fruits may contain bacteria which will also upset the digestion.
• Raw fruit contain vitamin C than cooked which helps to digestion of the food items.
Classification of fruits:
Soft fruits Hard fruits Stone fruits Citrus fruits Tropical fruits
Straw berries Cooking apples Cherries Oranges Pineapple
Raspberries Dessert apples Apricots Grape fruits Melon
Goose berries Pears Nectarines Lemons Banana
Black currents Kiwi fruits Peaches Limes Mangoes
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• Used to make hors d oeuvres or fruit cocktails.
Methods of cooking of fresh fruits:
1- Poaching:
• Fruits are gently poached in sugar syrup till to just soft but not broken up.
• Soft fruits and other fruits are cooked in this method

2- Baking:
• Apples are baked in moderate heat in oven until soft but still in shape
• Apple is cooked in this methods.

3- Steaming:
• They are prepared and placed in shallow trays with a small amount of water. The trays are covered and placed in a steamer. They are cooked until the fruit is softened but not broken up.
• Apples, rhubarb, pears are cooked by this method.
• This method is useful when preparing fruit pies and puddings. The steamed fruit may be sweetened as required when the pies are prepared.

4- Deep frying:
• Prepared water and floured then dipped into yeast battler and fried until battler is a golden brown and crisp.
• Pineapples, apples, bananas are cooked by this methods

Preservation of fruits:
1- Dehydrated:
• Apple rings, apricot halves, pear halves, banana can be dehydrated
• These can be used for dried fruit salad, stewed fruits, puddings, fruits cakes
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• These fruits can be used for fruits cakes, mince pies, and Christmas puddings.

4- Crystallized:
• Peaches, oranges, lemons, plums, cherries etc can be crystallized.
• These fruits can be used for dessert courses of the meals.

5- Glace:
• Cherries can be glace
• It is used for cakes, decorating baking items

6- Juices:
• Oranges, grapes fruits, tomatoes, pineapples, apples can be used
• It can be used for chilled an appetizer with an alcoholic drinks as a mixer and cocktails

7- Jam:
Raspberries, straw berries, black berry and apple plums can be made jam
These can be used for to serve to accompany toast or tea cakes

List of fruits with images:
S.N. Name of fruits in English: Name of fruits in Nepali: Images of various fruits:
1- Mango आप
2- Grapes अंगुर
3- Pomegranate seeds अनारको दाना
4- Dragon Fruits अजिङ्गरफल
5- Cherry चेर्री
6- Pineapple भुइँकटहर
7- Water melon खर्बुजा
8- Sugar cane उखु
9- Guava अम्बा
10- Gooseberries
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