Advantages And Disadvantages Of Geriatric Care In Malaysia

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Upgradation of geriatric care over 5 years in Malaysia
What is geriatric care?
Geriatric care is derived from the Greek “geron” which means “old man” and “iatreia” which means “the treatment of disease”.
According to UN- World Assembly on ageing in 1982, Vienna, in Malaysia, older persons are defined as those who are 60 years and above. Ageing nation are defined as a nation where more than 10% of the population is aged more than 60 years old” and by 2020, Malaysia will be defined as an ageing nation (9.9%)
Ther eare many phases in life and elder age is considered quite a sensitive phase. This is because old people need attention and care to have a healthy and quality life. In this era, many countries including Malaysia, are now facing the problem of an ageing population. However we should start preparing for future ageing problem in our country and implies strategies such as applying geriatric care professionals to help other states in Malaysia that do not have such services. …show more content…

According to Prof Dr Philip Poi Jun Hua from the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine (MSGM), who pioneered and now leads the Geriatrics Division of University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Kuala Lumpur said that the biggest issue for health professionals is to be able to persevere in providing good services for older adults in Malaysia because they themselves will grow old, and if they don't think about it now, when they get old, it is too late for

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