Advantages And Disadvantages Of Intelligence

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Generally, intelligence is implied to a man who can learn, comprehend and apply the information or abilities towards a specific issue. In other word, intelligence is characterized as general intellectual critical thinking aptitudes which identified with mental capacity which engaged with thinking, seeing the connections and analogies, critical thinking and some more. In light of what we have discovered, knowledge is acquired however it can likewise be identified with the earth all things considered. An investigation in America demonstrated that heredity was a vital factor in deciding intelligence. It was likewise recommended that condition or environment was a basic factor in deciding the degree of its demeanour or attitude. Next, what is…show more content…
This was due to the spatial intelligence were possessed by humans. Generally, people who were strong in this kind of intelligence remember things visually including the exact sizes and shapes of the objects. For examples, they were wise in any kind of visual clues.
In our opinion, we can said the IQ test have some advantages and disadvantages in measuring people’s intelligence. The IQ test can identify the potential for academic achievement especially among the students. It help to reveal the person’s strengths and weaknesses and highlights the talent of an individual. For instance, if the test shows the students have some talent in mathematics or science, those talents can help them get into a medical or research field. In contrast, we think that the IQ test does not accurately measured our intelligence directly. Besides, it does not necessarily defined how smart a person is. The questions does not test all situation that show intelligent behavior. For example, in the ‘Numerical Reasoning’ section, most of our members cannot answer questions eight and nine as we cannot find the pattern of arrangement of the number. However, it does not mean that we do not have basic in logical-mathematical intelligence. We might be lack of skills and understanding about mathematical concepts. As we practice
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In section one “Language reasoning”, three out of five answer correctly while two of us choose the wrong answer .This happen because they do not familiar with the words given and also lack of vocabulary . For those who answered correctly they categorized all the animals into two group; smaller and bigger in size then chose the relevant answer for the question . Next , in section two “Numerical reasoning” we have found that many of us could not answer the question . The question was a bit tricky and confusing as we could not find the pattern of the number are arranged and we could not predict whether the answer in descending or ascending order . In section three “Logical reasoning” , one of us choose the wrong answer because she can not visualize the picture properly . To answer the question we must have sharp visual sensitivity , shape and exact sizes of objects to understand it . Then in section four “Abstract reasoning” , one of us choose ‘d’ as the answer because she thought the option given in ‘d’ is different from other option . In ‘a’ , ‘b’ and ‘c’ have smaller shape inside and bigger shape outside but in ‘d’ obviously different , then she choose ‘d’ as answer but the real answer actually regarding to the square shapes in the outside and circle shaped inside . In the last section “ Technological skills” , some of us thought that sphere has bigger surface area compared to
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