Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Wallets

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We are currently living in the modern world, where technology has obviously taken over everyone. Almost every single person in this world has more than five electronic devices in their houses, and most people own a mobile phone. These are hand-held electronic devices that are used to be able to communicate to other people no matter how far they may be. However, it does more than that, because you can now use it as a wallet. Yes, for the benefit of the doubt, smartphones now have a feature wherein you could connect to your bank and access your money so that you would be able to use it to buy something online or at stores who accepts mobile wallet. But then again, just like everything else in this world, no man-made object is perfect, so that …show more content…

This is one major disadvantage of having your money in your phone. That is why it is always ideal to have some back-up cash or credit with you despite having your phone. Mobile wallets are not accepted in every single store in the world since it is still practically new and advanced. • Expect some glitches and error With electronics, there will always be some glitches and errors, that is why they often update everything. This is another major disadvantage of mobile wallets. There are a lot of cases wherein people suddenly lost their money because of some door of glitch, some of them got it back but some didn’t, so this is a major risk you have to take. • Extra fees to pay Unfortunately, there will be online fees involve in almost every transaction, especially if you are purchasing something. The shipping isn’t the only thing that is expensive when you buy something online, but the transaction fees as well. So this is what you need to look out for, if you think that the fees are ridiculously high, then it is probably best to spend just a couple of bucks on petrol and get it

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