Cellphones in the Classroom Essay

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Cell Phones in Classrooms Robert Morris University Mrs. Ferda Omurtag COSK 1221 March 22nd, 2012 Cell phones have advanced in technology tremendously over the years. There has also been some contradiction as whether or not cell phones should be banned in schools. Some people, such as the author(s) of “Schools Review Cell Phone Bans,” (2009) say that cell phones are a distraction to students while trying to learn; while other authors, such as the author of “Cell Phones in the Classroom,” (2010) Marie Bjerede, say that cell phones offer students the ability to branch out of text books and retrieve information from the internet right from a smartphone. When interviewed, Hunter Khaleghi, a student…show more content…
In the article “How GPS Phones Work,” (2009) the author, Tracy V. Wilson, talks about the laws that require cell phones to have a Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in them. Cell phone companies use this to benefit them and the consumer by enabling it it to locate your phone. For students that carry their phones with them around campus, an application that reminds them to drop off an important paper when they walk through a certain hallway, is both convenient and eliminates the chance of turning the paper in late. Other than keeping my schedule organized, my cell phone also allows me to access my bank account where ever I may be. My bank offers an application that lets me view my account, deposit checks, and transfer money, without having to go to the bank. This keeps my financial life in order as well as my academic and social life. Many college level students have and use the applications their cell phone providers offer. When interviewed, H. Khaleghi, a student at Robert Morris University, states that he uses his cell phone for many different reasons, including helping him stay organized (personal communication, January 24, 2012). He finds himself using the calendar, calculator, and notepad applications frequently. Another student at Robert Morris University, L. Sobolosky, says “Without my cell phone, I wouldn’t know where to be or what to take with me,” (personal communication, February 16, 2012). Not only do cell phones
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