Advantages And Disadvantages Of Petroleum Industry

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Nowadays, petroleum industry is one of the most important industries in the world as it gives many effects to the economy in some countries. As this happens, many researchers have done a lot of research to obtain more knowledge about this risky industry. Many of us know that several processes in oil and gas need a lot of works and thus, many problems arise which give headache to engineers as they must overcome the problem by carrying out research. One of the main challenges that give troubles to the engineers especially petroleum engineers is pipeline corrosion. This pipeline corrosion has been mentioned in the bookwork of the researchers a long time ago since the oil and gas was first discovered. Petroleum industry has wide usage of pipelines in transporting crude…show more content…
Pipelines can be built on surface and underwater with some measurements to calculate the suitable pipelines on how to be used. It is divided by two which are also used to transport two main products from petroleum drilling process which are gas pipelines for the gas and oil pipelines for the oil. This is because oil can change form when the temperature and pressure are different. For example, when all the pipelines are used for a long time, it will corrode because it mixes with some toxic chemical substances. Besides that, pressure also becomes a big problem in corroding the pipelines. It is because when the pressure is below the oil vapour pressure, which means the pressure is extremely low, bubbles from the liquid will form inside it. They may be called bubbles but they are very harmful to the surfaces of the pipeline that make contacts with them. When the bubbles touch the surfaces, they will pop and some pressure force will exist. If this happens, the force is enough to corrode the surfaces. This phenomenon is called cavitation, which some of the researchers in universities throughout the world are doing experiment to overcome this
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