Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Pipe

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The appearance of plastic in the field of construction, as in other areas of daily life, has been a real revolution for the materials used by the vast majority of professionals. Their lightness allows them to be handled by a single person, in most cases, with the consequent saving of time and money that this means in most processes. In addition, its properties are really good when we want to use a plastic tube for the conduction of a fluid through it.
These pipes can be used in homes, and serve to supply or drain fluids, such as wastes of all types and water, also as a ventilation pipe.
Among the different types of plastic pipe, there are those that have been manufactured with PVC, and are used to supply and drain water.
Plastic pipes can be used in all types of sanitary installations. …show more content…

Like PE pipes, PP pipes weigh very little and have a lower density than water, so they float.
• Sanitation piping.
• Evacuation of rainwater.
• Pipes without pressure.
The PP pipe joining system is by melting, so that the product is welded as a single piece, without joints.
6. Multi-layer pipes:

According to the UNE 53960 EX and 53961 EX standards, the applications for multi-layer pipes (MC) will be hot and cold water installations inside the building structure (for drinking water or not for human consumption) and Heating systems, to the appropriate design pressures and temperatures for the corresponding application class (see classes in the PE-X box).
Minimal dilation. The aluminum intermediate layer allows the dilations to be minimal, reducing the number of supports.
• Sanitation.
• Driving hot and cold water.
• Conventional heating systems.
• Air conditioning ducts.
• Industrial applications.
They are made by the technique of 'press-fitting' with elastic joint, which guarantees a perfect tightness and allows to turn the accessory after the union to facilitate its

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