Winter Roads Research Paper

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If you want to avoid a burst pipe and having call to your plumber this winter, make sure you implement the tips below to avoid frozen pipes during the winter months. Insulate All Pipes In Unheated Areas Your pipes that are located in unheated areas of your house, such as your basement, attic, crawlspace or even exterior walls, are the most vulnerable to freezing and bursting during the winter. In unheated areas of your homes, your pipes will generally be as warm as the air around them. The best way to keep pipes warm in unheated areas of your home is to insulated them. You can insulate your pipes on your home by purchasing pipe insulation from your local home improvement store. Generally, all you have to do is purchase foam pipe insulation…show more content…
However, the pipes in your home are generally hidden in cabinets, and therefore do not have warm air circulating around them at all times. It is smart to also insulate the exposed pipes inside your home when you insulate the ones in the unheated areas of your home. Additionally, when it gets really cold outside, open up your cabinets and allow some of the warm air in your house to circulate around your pipes and warm them up. Turn Off Your Water Supply In The Event Of A Power Outage Finally, if the power goes out in your area, and it is forecast to be out for an extended period of time, you need to protect your pipes. Turn off your main water supply; you should have a master lever you can turn that will turn off the water to your house After you turn off your water supply, turn on your faucets and let any water that is still in your pipe drain out. This will prevent water from freezing in your pipes while your power is out and your house is cold. You can protect your pipes this winter by taking the time to insulate them and make sure that they stay warm. If a large power outage hits your area, be sure to turn off your water and take the necessary steps to prevent your pipes from
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