Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pods

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PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) was founded in 1998 by Peter Warhurst, he was trying to expand his family’s small storage business (Wikipedia). PODS reinvented the way people could move and store their belongings. A PODS container is delivered directly to the customer’s location for them to load at their leisure. Then, PODS will deliver the container or store it at a storage center. This made moving less stressful, less work, and more convenient for many people ( Since Peter Warhurst was the founder and owner, he made all of the final decisions and had complete control over all the funds. PODS is headquartered in Clearwater, …show more content…

In 2007, PODS was acquired by Arcapita for $451.4 million. Afterward PODS quickly reached partnerships and agreements to further build the company and service customers all around the world. One of the great advantages of a corporation is that it is easy to transfer ownership interests in a corporation. Another advantage of a corporation is that it has a perpetual existence, which mean the company can outlive the original owner and founder, so the investors do not have to worry about the untimely demise of the owners.

There are some disadvantages of corporations, a corporation is not cheap or simple to operate. They will have to hold board meetings and annual shareholder meetings. Corporations have to file corporate tax returns, they are subject to double income taxation.

Yes, I do believe PODS using a franchise model has made it more adaptable. Now people that dream of opening a successful business with an already highly successful business plan can invest in PODS and open one themselves. The franchise fee you must pay directly to the franchise to become a franchise owner is $75,000 dollars. This does not cover costs for the location, supplies, or marketing. Then you are able to bring

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