Advantages And Disadvantages Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a war fought between Great Britain and North America. The conflict started from growing issues between the people from the thirteen Great British colonies and the colonial government. Both, The American and British Army had advantages and disadvantages that contributed to a great outcome; The Treaty of Paris as a result to end the revolution in 1783. In February 1775, Massachusetts was declared being a state of rebellion by the British Parliament. The Europeans thought that they could win the war against the most powerful empire and although the Americans lost most of their battles in the revolutionary war, they stood out by forcing the British to finish the war and give independence to the United States of America. “What began as a war for independence became both a civil war between the Americans, joined by their Indian allies and the world war involving numerous “allied” European nations”. There were many disadvantages from the English side, one of the greatest disadvantages was that the American Army did not have uniforms. This Army was led by Washington who tried to create the uniforms himself by giving the soldiers blue jackets and white pants while the British Army had their red coats as part of their uniform. Another disadvantage of the American Army during the Revolution was that they had no navy, in other words they did not have any well-trained soldiers most of them were farmers dressed like soldiers. Also, the Americans did not
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