Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Civil War

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Advantages and Disadvantages of The Civil War During the American Civil War, the Union was successful because of their numerous factories, population, and transportation. The Confederate was unsuccessful because of their economic failures. They started out strong and failed during the war during The Civil War. They could really only make cotton. The Union came up with a plan called the Anaconda Plan to shut down the Confederate economically and it worked. This plan was an idea to make the Confederate crumble economically. They used their navy to surround there harbors and the Mississippi to stop any imports or exports to the Confederate. The Union had more factories than the Confederate allowing them to be able to produce goods way faster. This also allowed them to make guns, clothing, and railroads. The union had more people fighting in the war giving them more troops to fight in battles, and all of the troops had supplies thanks to their numerous factories. The Unionerners had better transportation than the Confederate giving them the ability to travel through the country faster. This also allowed them to transport goods faster. The Union and the Confederate both had their strengths and weaknesses but at the end of the war the Union showed that they were stronger than the Confederate. The union had factories spread out over the Union. These factories produced goods for the troops. These factories were faster than making supplies by hand giving them an advantage over the
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