Advantages Of Backlash From Social Media Usage

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Backlash from Social Media Usage
The technology that is social media can be used for many good purposes, but you should always remember to not post “prejudice/racist comments, not to share confidential information and stay away from idiotic/rude comments” (Newstex. 2015) while you are on the job.
Getting backlash from your social media usage is a scare for a lot of people in this age of technology. Whether you run your company’s social media or not, having to make sure you follow the proper guidelines of not posting prejudice or racist comments, not sharing confidential information and stay away from any idiotic or rude comments while you are on the job. Not following these rules will lead to termination and defamation of the company! Especially in this age where prejudice or racism has no room in our society.
Prejudice / Racism
Posting racist, sexist, or offensive comments could make other people see the company that the person works for in a different light and cost them their business. A business wants to bring in a target audience. This could include all nationalities, sexes, religions, or handicapped people. Posting offensive content that might possibly be targeted toward anyone is not good for you or the company and should be avoided at all costs. “Back in 2013, PR rep Justine Sacco tweeted an insensitive comment about AIDS just before getting on a plane to South Africa. By the time she landed a few hours later, her job was history and her reputation was

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