Advantages Of Being Single

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Have you been single for a while now? Here are 15 reasons why being single is not that bad at all.
When you are single probably all you think about is how awesome it would be if you were in a relationship. After being single how quite some time, the only relationship that I enjoy lately is with myself. This means no blind dates, no dating apps, and no set-ups by neither friends nor family. This means if some guy wants to get my attention, he really has to try hard and even then it possible I won’t be interested. It might sound arrogant, but I found happiness in small things like my pet and taking care of my garden. My job, which I love, also gives me great feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment and makes me feel like I am giving something back
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I don’t have to worry that someone will make me become something I am not.
7. You can do whatever you feel like doing.
From a simple walk on the beach to crazy ride with bike, I can do anything I want and I don’t have to check in with anyone besides my mom. There are endless possibilities that you can do with this short time that we have in this world and why not making the most of it.
8. I am aware of my situation.
Let’s be honest and admit that being single is much better than being with someone for the wrong reasons.
9. I have all the time in world for myself.
Single life gives me all the time and energy to after my dreams.
10. I know what I can offer to world.
If you don’t love yourself, how can love someone else, right? Well, being single taught me how can I truly be myself and acknowledge all my qualities that now I share with people around me.
11. I can explore.
No matter if it is going to be some adventure or potential lover I have all the time and energy to explore it all.
12. Traveling.
Trust me, traveling alone or with friends is better when you are single. You don’t have to check in every step you take with your boyfriend and care about whether he might get offended by
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