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Relationships is a step that two people take since they connected in a romantic way. For some, it might seem far away, but others can’t wait for it to end. Some signs to know you’re on a failed relationship could be lack of respect, no time for each other, can’t find common ground, tired of the same routine and bickering and fighting. Those were some signs that some can be solved but mostly is of a failed relationship. Ending a relationship isn’t as simple as it looks, since there was love or some wouldn’t admit it but at least they cared for each other. One of the reasons you might be reading this is because you want some guidance or advice, and that’s why we recommend you keep reading.
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Try not to be cruel, be honest, don’t say things that might confuse or hurt like bringing back the past or the reasons why you want to end it. Be prepared for any reaction, the dumped can react since he or she didn’t see it coming. You should try to be comforting but not too attach but also don’t just storm out of there. For both of you to have a chance to move on, you should avoid each other and if you have each other’s thing try to sort it out so you both won’t have an argument. The best lesson of a failed relationship is to learn from it and don’t let it repeat it. Also know when to walk away, why be bickering about a lost cause. After the break up don’t try to stay friends, you wanted to end it for a reason so why go back when you can keep moving forward. Take some time for yourself since not everyone understands that the one who broke up is also in pain as the one who was dumped. Because you’re the one taking “the bullet” and it’s true since you might feel guilt and even though you want to go and party to try to feel alive and free of everything, it’s better to go to places you feel comfortable.
Just because you got off the horse doesn’t mean you need to get back up after the break up. Since both of you took time apart it helps with the healing process. Don’t try to start dating quickly, remember “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”. Now that you’re single you should change things like a new look or set new goals and be happy. Don’t be stuck in the past

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