Advantages Of Boko Haram

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5.4 Recommendation Unanimity is almost impossible in a democracy. There will always be opposition to any proposed change. Although some people want a change, others may resist it. The “apostle” of Change must try to address some of the concerns of those who will resist the changes he is intending to make; otherwise they can become a wrench in the wheel of change, and can ultimately scuttle the change. As a minimum, the opposition should be allowed to have their say if they cannot have their way. Therefore, the Buhari administration should be mindful of the fact that many of the people benefitting from the status quo, including some members of APC, the oil “cabal”, etc, will oppose some of the proposed changes and will stop at nothing to thwart the changes. The administration must therefore devise a clever way of communicating or engaging with them, and to assuage their fears without compromising the changes. In a democracy, the powers of the President are limited. Even though he can use “executive orders” to effect some changes, it should be as a last resort on a temporary basis. All major changes must be approved by the …show more content…

He needs to better equip the military, police and security forces through a transparent and centralized procurement process to enhance their capacity to deal with the security challenges. Economic diversification holds the key to the emergence of a robust Economy that is capable of creating jobs and reducing poverty and unemployment. President Buhari’s administration needs to articulate and implement an economic blueprint for the diversification of the Nigerian economy, leveraging sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism and ICT to boost productive activities and revenue

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